Repairing the Goat Shed


The old goat shed needed a face lift; in fact, it needed just about everything. Our old goats - Zinnia, Arian, Butterscotch and Blueberry lived here. We built the goat shed in a hurry years ago when one of us unexpectedly brought the family of goats back from a visit with farming friends. We bartered the goats for a loom. The old milking stand is still here too, ready for a new job - to be revealed sometime soon.

It was a day made for building: Warm from the thinning winter sun, time off from school and work, and two excellent carpenters. We got several board cut in spite of having a rusty old saw, and Andrew and Micah fit them in place. Micah learned how to measure, and mark his measurements with his Dad. He was a greathelp at handing tools and even fitting the final boards in place. We will finish the restoration of the goat shed next time.